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Avion Aerial Circus School Foyer Entrance Studio Welcome



Monday 3pm - 6pm
Tuesday 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday 3pm - 6pm
Thursday 3pm - 6pm
Friday 3pm - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm




You can request a Make Up class! Make up classes must be taken within the two weeks following your missed class. To book, log into the student portal, find the class you wish to take as your make up class & select ‘make up class’ on the booking and the request will come through to us to approve. You will receive a confirmation email once it's approved.

Log into the student portal and click My Account”. Click the tab for ‘Financial’ and update your details.

All of our aerial classes follow a structured syllabus which allows students to progress safely and build strong foundations. Our level progressions are classified as Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Our aerial classes follow a structured syllabus, and once the instructor feels a student is ready to grade to the next level, they will be given the opportunity to attend a grading session. If the student passes the grading, they will move into the next level. Grading is available for Teen & Adult classes.

We have a range of uniforms and merchandise designed for budding aerial & circus artists, to suit all ages from kids to adults. Check out our online store for all the goods, OR pop into reception to try on & view our samples.
Important note: Uniforms are compulsory for all kids classes after your first term at Avion concludes.

In the meantime, here's a guide of what to wear to your first class:
Ladies & girls:
Full length tights & a shirt or singlet is fine to start.
Gents & boys:
Gymnastic pants or full length tights/ skins (shorts can be worn over the top of tights) & a shirt or singlet is best for aerial classes. Shorts & shirts are fine for ground classes.

All aerial classes:
● No baggy clothing - tight or fitted clothing is best, as baggy clothing can be hazardous & tends to get caught in the apparatus and it makes it difficult for instructors to give cues when they cannot see the students body.
● We suggest a tight singlet or shirt so that when you are hanging upside down it won’t lift up on you - also exposed skin can receive friction burns.
● Keep a long sleeved (tight or close fitting) shirt handy, to protect your under arms from certain skills. Wrap tops are available for purchase & perfect for this!
● Shoes not required, bare feet only.
● Clothes with zippers or sharp embellishments are NOT to be worn as they can catch and damage the equipment. Please be mindful when wearing regular fitness tights as they often have zippers on the back waistband which can damage our equipment.

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